About Ketosee

Welcome to Ketosee!

Our goal here is to build a place where every “is it keto?” query has a quick, easy answer with complete, unbiased, and accurate information. A clear yes or no, and more importantly why. We know you understand that’s a huge undertaking, so it may take a bit for a full database to appear here. Eventually you’ll also find keto tips, advise, recipes, and more. One day, we even plan to give you an app where you can scan yourself an answer—but as you can see, Ketosee is currently a work in progress.

Who’s working on this?
We’re keto dieters just like you—well, you with a website, way too many ideas, 15 years of writing and research experience, a two-year medical degree, and not enough time. Although we do have some medical background, enough to understand terminology and biology, we’re not doctors or dietitians. We can promise you that any information you find on our site has been thoroughly vetted though. Facts come sourced with studies. Opinions get left behind, and the grey area is highlighted for you to decide.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? How can you reach us?
You can certainly leave us a wee comment below or slip us a quick message at: [email protected]. We are also on Facebook!





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