Keto Chaffles: Low-Carb Cheese Waffles

What is a Chaffle you ask? Well, when it comes to the Keto world, it’s a waffle made from cheese and egg. Not to be confused with the better-known meaning of Chaffle, chicken and waffles, though you can have chicken with a Chaffle. Chances are whoever named it a Chaffle had no idea the name was taken. On that part, no one seems to know who dreamed up the Chaffle either—we don’t take credit for it. It just took Keto forums by storm—we hear there may even be a Chafflehouse in the works.

Alright, that said, how do you make a Chaffle?

Just whisk one egg, then add 1/2 cup of the cheese of your choice, and cook it in a waffle maker for 3 to 4 minutes.

Some folks also add a tsp of coconut flour or baking powder. You can alter the egg-to-cheese ratio to your taste as well by opting for one egg and 1 cup cheese or two eggs and 1 cup cheese. It may take a bit of experimenting to find your favorite. As cheese types and ratios vary, the carb content on these is also a bit variable. The standard recipe often floats just under 2 net carbs per batch.

As you can imagine, the reason this recipe has become so popular is that it’s ultra-easy. You can also add other ingredients to make various Chaffle flavors, though.

Mix in ideas:

-Sausage, bacon, or hamChaffles Keto Low Carb



-Green onion

-Peppers (most green peppers are OK in moderation)


Basically, if it would taste good in an omelet, it’s likely going to taste nice with Chaffle. However, you can also use Chaffle as a bread replacement in burgers, under meat chili, dipped in low-carb marinara like pizza sticks, as a taco shell, and more. Some people even add unsweetened cocoa and make them into desserts.

Do I need a special waffle maker?

Many Ketoians are suggesting the Dash mini waffle maker, but no, you don’t have to use a specific type of waffle maker. If you have a larger machine or pan, though, you might have to make more than just the one-egg recipe if you want a fat waffle, rather than thinner and crispy. We also recommend one with an easy-to-clean non-stick surface. Chaffles have been known to go wrong and make a wee bit of a mess.

Chaffles gone wrong?

Speaking of that mess, what went wrong? Opening the waffle maker too soon is probably the most common reason Keto Chaffles stick, break in half, and just generally don’t go as planned. The average cook time is 3-4 minutes, so note that it will take longer than your average waffle and don’t lift that lid until it’s been at least 3 minutes. You may also try greasing the griddle surfaces.

Overfilling is another common oops that leads to a drippy mess down the side. The one egg, 1/2 cup cheese recipe will make roughly two Chaffles in a mini waffle maker.

If your Chaffles are coming out too soft, try sprinkling a bit of cheese in the waffle maker before adding the batter, then sprinkle a bit on top before closing it. You may also try a longer cook time or less batter.

Have you tried Chaffles? Have a favorite recipe? Drop us a comment!

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