Our Keto Food Rating System

While there is no such thing as a ‘keto’ food, there are foods that are too high in carbs to be consumed on the keto diet, others that are borderline, and still others that are generally ‘safe.’ These are the considerations that decide the rankings used on Ketosee. This system is designed to create a quick-look answer for whether a food is keto friendly or not. You will find the stop-light rating on every food page on our site.

Green means go. This food is generally considered safe on the keto diet.

keto ok
A green rated food has low to no carbs. In the case of low carb, you may still need to watch your portion size. A green light does not mean the food is a ‘free’ food you can eat as much of as you want. Right next to all our food ratings you’ll always see a “quick answer” heading that details the net-carb content of the food.

Orange indicates a need for caution. This food could possibly be eaten on the keto diet.

probably skip on ketoThese foods may be consumable on occasion or in very small portions, but generally can’t be part of a daily meal plan. Many of our orange foods may be considered controversial in some Keto groups or deemed ‘dirty’ keto foods, but at Ketosee our aim is not to judge. For a diet to work for you, it needs to be set at your standards. Attempting to adhere to the stringent guidelines others have chosen isn’t necessary. The original keto food guidelines had no food lists. If it fits in your carb allotment for the day, it’s a keto food.


Red means stop. This food has a very high carb content.

not keto friendlyWe certainly aren’t telling you what you can and can’t eat, but if a food has received a red rating—which we use sparingly— it’s has too many carbs to be consumed and maintain a less than 5 to 10 percent carb intake or is likely to cause a large blood sugar spike. You’ll always find a list of possible substitutes given on the information pages of both red and orange foods. If you choose to ‘cheat’ on a red food, don’t stress it. Again, the best diet is one you can stick to.

As always, we welcome comments, suggestions, and feedback. Truly, our aim is to create something here at Ketosee that helps others, and your input helps that stay possible.

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